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Volunteering returns to 10 year high, says new report

4 Sep 2014

Young most likely age group to volunteer and men overtake women

  • Volunteering is at the joint highest level for ten years with over a quarter of the British public (26%) having given time in the last three mont

The New Alchemy Parts 2 and 3: Trends and motivations

4 Sep 2014

This is the second part of our new volunteering report and you can download it free in the top right hand corner of this page. It's being released in seven parts:

Part 1 – The political and social landscape for volunteering

Part 2 – Volunteering trends over the last decade

Part 3 – Harnessing volunteer motivations

Part 4 – The changing mechanics of volunteering

Part 5 – Engaging the young, the old and the family to volunteer

Part 6 – How do we manage the 21st Century Volunteer?

Part 7 – Conclusions and recommendations

This is Part 2.