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2 in 3 people think rebrands and London offices are a waste of charities’ money

2 Jul 2014


Donors are reassured when no one earns over £50,000 or travels on first class rail

  • 69% of people think London-based offices and rebrands are ‘somewhat’ or ‘very’ wasteful (slide 2)
  • Over a third of people think lobbying government or other organisations is ‘fairly’ or ‘very’ worthwhile (slide 2)
  • 54% feel the same way about advertising, while 61% say that about developing a website (slide 2)
  • The best way for charities to make people feel confident they’ll spend a donation well is to not allow staff to travel first class on expenses according to 52% (slide 3)
  • Half of people would feel confident if the organisation was run mostly by volunteers (50%), no one earned more than £50,000 a year (47%) and no one got a bonus (46%) (slide 3)
  • One in three said they’d feel confident if a charity had no offices in London, while 23% would if staff paid for their own Christmas party. One in ten would if staff worked a day a month for free (slide 3)

Charities hit by significant drop in trust levels over the past year

23 Jun 2014


10 percentage point drop sees them fall to 7th most trusted institution, Armed Forces remain top

  • Public trust in charities has fallen for the first time since 2011. 56% of people now trust charities ‘quite a lot’ or ‘a great deal’, compared to 66% in 2013 (slide 3)
  • Charities drop to 7th in the list as they’re overtaken by schools, small businesses and the Royal Family (slide 3)
  • Armed Forces remain top with 70% despite a fall of 8%, while Scouts and Guides remain in the top three on 64% (slide 3)
  • Political parties are still bottom on 12%, with 51% trusting them very little (slide 2)
  • Only a quarter trust the Fundraising Standards Board, while 28% have never heard of it (slide 4)
  • People were also asked which statements a charity could make that would reassure them about making a donation or would convince them the charity was doing a good job (slide 8)
  • 70% chose ‘every new charity has to be scrutinised by the Charity Commission before it is approved’ and 68% selected ‘every charity’s accounts are on the Charity Commission website’ (slide 8)
  • 68% opted for charities reviewing their costs every year to keep them low (slide 8)

The Six Reports of Summer

5 Jun 2014

We've been sending out quite a few free reports recently, so we thought we'd put them all in one convenient place. Here's a preview of what's available: