The Impact of the Cost-of-Living Crisis on British Muslims

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The Impact of the Cost-of-Living Crisis on British Muslims

This week, our Small Charities Research Award recipient Muslim Charities Forum released the findings of our collaborative project - check it out today!

In April of this year, we announced the winners of nfpResearch's first ever Small Charity Research Award. One of the organisations we were thrilled to have selected is Muslim Charities Forum (MCF), a network of Muslim-led charities operating in the UK. This week we're happy to be a part of MCF's official release of the culmination of this partnership: the new report British Muslim Charitable Giving Report II: The Impact of the Cost-of-Living Crisis

The report is a deep dive into the charitable habits of British Muslims, covering their donation habits, motivations for giving, volunteering trends, and much more. The cost-of-living crisis, naturally, has taken its toll on the wider charity sector. But, what this report shows is that the resilience of Muslim philanthropy as an element of the culture has made for an optimistic recovery among their preferred organisations. We believe that this report, while centred around supporting Muslim-led charities, has a little something for everyone looking to better understand one of the UK's most charitable communities.

We'd like to extend our thanks to everyone at MCF for giving us the chance to work with them and create this exciting report, and are happy to see it be recognised as a useful resource. In the words of MCF's CEO Fadi Itani (OBE):

This report is our humble attempt to understand the behaviours of British Muslim giving, and the impacts of the cost-of-living crisis. Through this, we hope to give our networks an insight into the expectations and understandings of how British Muslims donate, and how the cost-of-living crisis will impact their charitable contributions.

In addition to this, this report serves as further evidence of the generosity of British Muslims. This demonstrates yet again the positive contributions of British Muslims towards social change. Despite financial challenges that lie ahead, British Muslims will still give, and contribute to good causes.


As we approach 2024, we're looking forward to imagining what sorts of new collaborations and projects we might achieve in the next wave of our research award - keep checking in for more details to come on the next wave of this award, as well as a deeper look into what we learned from our work with MCF in the new year. 


You can read the full report here: British Muslim Charitable Giving Report II: The Impact of the Cost-of-Living Crisis

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