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Gone Viral - The impact of a second year of Covid-19 on charities

11 Nov 2021

Last year, we released our ‘Going Viral’ report, exploring the initial response to the Covid-19 outbreak by charities. This is the second year of Covid-19, and it was time to revisit and delve into the experiences of charities in the sector again to take a longer-term perspective on the pandemic and its impact on the sector.

The Future of the Funding Sector: Interviews with sector leaders

22 Jul 2021

We're releasing the findings from research commissioned by John Ellerman Foundation in Spring 2021. We asked a selection of leaders from the grantmaking sector about their views on the main challenges facing the sector and their outlook on the future. Discover what they said in this free report.

Covinformation Report May 2021

19 May 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought with it unprecedented turbulence, impacting on life throughout the world. This report looks at some of the impacts it has had on the UK charity and voluntary sector over the last year.

How do minority ethnic audiences engage with charities?

10 Feb 2021

It is well known that Black, Asian and other ethnic minority communities are largely under-researched in the charity sector (and beyond). In 2019, we established a yearly research syndicate to explore how these audiences engage with charities. In this free report, we release some of the key findings from our November 2019 - January 2020 research.