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How do minority ethnic audiences engage with charities?

It is well known that Black, Asian and other ethnic minority communities are largely under-researched in the charity sector (and beyond). In 2019, we established a yearly research syndicate to explore how these audiences engage with charities. In this free report, we release some of the key findings from our November 2019 - January 2020 research.

Going Viral | Covid-19: How did charities respond to the first phase of the crisis?

To find out how charities are responding to the first phase of the Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak, we conducted twenty-four interviews speaking to a range of charity sector staff from CEOs, directors, heads and officers working in strategy, fundraising, marketing and communications, and some front-line staff working on service provision. See what they had to say in this free report.

A Healthy Audience

This 2019 report is based on updated research first conducted five years ago, in early 2014. The report looks at the relationship between the number of people with a particular medical condition or disability and the size of the largest charity supporting those affected.