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How do minority ethnic audiences engage with charities?

It is well known that Black, Asian and other ethnic minority communities are largely under-researched in the charity sector (and beyond). In 2019, we established a yearly research syndicate to explore how these audiences engage with charities. In this free report, we release some of the key findings from our November 2019 - January 2020 research.

Going Viral | Covid-19: How did charities respond to the first phase of the crisis?

To find out how charities are responding to the first phase of the Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak, we conducted twenty-four interviews speaking to a range of charity sector staff from CEOs, directors, heads and officers working in strategy, fundraising, marketing and communications, and some front-line staff working on service provision. See what they had to say in this free report.

A Healthy Audience

This 2019 report is based on updated research first conducted five years ago, in early 2014. The report looks at the relationship between the number of people with a particular medical condition or disability and the size of the largest charity supporting those affected.

Facts & Figures: Charities and UK Government

Our Facts & Figures reports are free, bite-sized offerings chock full of interesting statistics for the charity sector. In our latest report, we're drilling down in to charities and their relationship with the UK Government. Download the full report below.