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Facts & Figures: Northern Ireland

25 Apr 2017

This free report gives an overview of the charity landscape in Northern Ireland recently revealed by the introduction of compulsory registration in 2013. 

Key facts: 

Facts & Figures: Young People and Charities

29 Mar 2017
We're pleased to present a new Facts and Figures report which gives a quick overview of volunteering and charitable activities by young people in the UK. Discover how many 16-24s are volunteering, the likelihood of donations being made by this demographic, and more.

Just my Type - An Archetype Analysis of Charity Finances

28 Feb 2017

We are pleased to publish this analysis of different types of charities, based on their differing incomes and expenditures. Our archetype will allow charities, donors, and others to understand what the benchmark is for each type of charity, thus ensuring that judgements are made based on norms of income and expenditure for similar charities.

An Emotional Journey: How charity brands can cut through the noise

25 Jan 2017

Emotion plays a significant role when people make choices - like the choice to support one charity instead of another. Discover more about how you can tailor your campaigns to take people on an emotional journey and distinguish your charity in this free report.

Charities at Christmas 2016

20 Dec 2016

Our latest research carried out with a nationally representative sample of the public in October shows how people are more aware of charities at Christmas, but no charities are gaining awareness through advertising at Christmas. Download the charts to find out more.

The 12 Reports of Christmas 2016

1 Dec 2016

The time has come again to reflect on the last 12 months and thank our clients and partners for inspiring us to keep researching topical issues in the sector with 12 free reports.