An Emotional Journey: How charity brands can cut through the noise

An Emotional Journey: How charity brands can cut through the noise

25 Jan 2017

'An Emotional Journey' looks at the role of emotions in the public's relationships and engagement with charity brands. Although donors usually say that impact and effectiveness lie at the root of their decisions, in practice, there is little evidence that rational deliberation bears any major role in donor decision making. We carried out this research as we think donor decisions are trending towards quick, emotional choices, rather than deliberative decisions. 

This report includes four key concluding points to keep in mind when attempting to take your supporters on an emotional journey. 

Download the report for free using the form below. Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts on the report or any ideas for future content we should cover.

Hi Elizabeth,
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Submitted by Richard Finn (not verified) on 6 Apr 2017


Very interesting. I'd even suggest that merely the NAME of a campaign has an emotional reaction, before we even know the details.

Submitted by Nahum Finkelstein (not verified) on 23 Sep 2017


The data and discussion on the emotions aroused by a number of charities are enlightening; nevertheless the emotion the paper arouses in me is frustration. It does not correlate the type or intensity of the emotion with the Giving.
Put another way, the thesis of the report is that Emotion is a principal driver of Giving, but the report (as representative by the paper) makes no effort to prove it.
If the research in question did tackle the question, I would be anvious to see the findings.

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