nfpPublic for Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland

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nfpPublic for Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland


nfpPublic is our leading product, and a keystone to our work across the British charity sector. Yet at nfpResearch we celebrate the fact that Britain is not just a single country, but a dynamic coalition of devolved nations. As such, we are committed to producing high-quality research tailored to those specific national contexts.

This page covers three separate, but interlinked products:

•    nfpPublic Northern Ireland
•    nfpPublic Wales
•    nfpPublic Scotland

Please use the forms below to download a briefing pack that will be relevant to the specific nation in which you operate. Alternatively, get in touch directly with one of our dedicated project leads, to understand more about how we can help your organisation to flourish in all parts of the United Kingdom.