Facts & Figures: Young People and Charities

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Facts & Figures: Young People and Charities

29 Mar 2017
We're pleased to present a new Facts and Figures report which gives a quick overview of volunteering and charitable activities by young people in the UK. Discover how many 16-24s are volunteering, the likelihood of donations being made by this demographic, and more.
Key Facts:
  • The proportion of young people in the UK is shrinking: 19% of the UK population is currently under 16 (down from 22% in 1981), and 11% is 16 - 24 (down from 14% in 1981).
  • 44% of 16 - 24 year olds were in full-time education in 2016, a significant increase from 26% in 1992.
  • Young people are volunteering more and more, and 16 - 24s and over 65s are most likely to give up their time.
  • Only 64% of 16-24s had donated compared to 68% of the rest of the public in the last month.
  • A third of under 18s had donated in the last month, compared with 55% of adults.

Download the full report using the purple download form located beneath the 'Share this Resource' buttons.

Submitted by Emma Kendon (not verified) on 31 Mar 2017


Another excellent,helpful report. I'm befuddled by this stat/afct though: "16 - 24s are the least likely to have donated in the last 3 months: 64% had not donated compared to 68% of the rest of the public."

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