Strong Foundations: How corporate foundations raise money and do good work


Strong Foundations: How corporate foundations raise money and do good work

11 Jan 2017

In this brand new free report, we publish findings from our research into 20 of the most well known corporate foundations in the UK. 

Some key findings:

  • In general, corporate foundations get the highest proportion of their incoming resources from their founding company, but this varies greatly depending on the foundation.
  • Over half of the 20 foundations we investigated receive over 50% of their incoming resources in the form of financial gifts from their founding company.
  • Around ¼ of the foundations receive donations from the public as part of their incoming resources.
  • A few of the foundations receive income from sales of merchandise by the founding store. For a few, this makes up a small part of their incoming resources, however the John Lewis Foundation recieves 98% of its incoming resources this way.
  • A few of the foundations receive some income from staff fundraising.
  • In general, corporate foundations are spending near to or over 100% of their incoming resources on charitable giving.
  • In general, corporate foundations support multiple causes from a wide range of sectors.
  • Many of these causes have no link to the business focus of the founding company. ​

Scroll down further to download the full report and discover more:

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