Membership and the Charity Sector

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Membership and the Charity Sector

In our digitally connected world, membership has been transformed. Individuals or organisations across the globe who are connected by a particular activity, industry, activity, interest, cause, or profession can more easily be brought together than ever before. As a result, we have a huge range of choice when it comes to deciding which, if any, of the many membership schemes on offer appeal to us.

However, nfpResearch’s regular surveys have shown that the public are increasingly less likely to report being a paying member of various more traditional types of membership organisations. Despite the diversity in the nature of membership schemes, there are likely to be some common challenges and solutions.

This report considers an inclusive definition of membership, including case studies from the for profit and not for profit sector, as well as analysing 25 of the biggest charity membership schemes, and research considering people’s motivations for being members.

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