Hidden But Vital: Charities and the Pandemic

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Hidden But Vital: Charities and the Pandemic

This report compares findings collected during the pandemic with longer term trends in the charity sector. We're sharing data and trends from surveys with the general public, parliamentarians, journalists covering charity sector news, and primary healthcare professionals; all this alongside our Covid-19 research. 

The report covers:

  • Perceptions of charities and their role in the pandemic
  • Are people still donating to charities?
  • How people give
  • Volunteering for charities
  • Attitudes towards the pandemic
  • Changing concerns: the economy or the environment?
  • Charity public profiles
  • Small charities and local issues
  • Changing methods of communication with parliamentarians
Download your free copy using the form below. If you have any comments or questions on the research, please email us at insight@nfpsynergy.net

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