Case Study

We delivered a top-to-bottom assessment of Relate's brand, allowing them to better target their communications and reach a wider audience.

"nfpResearch stood out from other providers. It was clear that the team had a strong knowledge of the challenges facing the charity sector, and provided a comprehensive package of research within the limits of our budget. Compared to other providers they were more willing to challenge us when they felt that certain elements of the research could be changed to make them more useful to us in the long run.

They were very generous with time and resources, and were willing to go the extra mile making sure our needs were met by the research. For a small in-house team, this guidance was exactly what we needed to maximise the value from the work."

Sarah Williams, Senior Engagement and Research Officer, Relate


Relate is a relationship support charity, offering counselling for couples, families, young people, and individuals across the UK, both in person and online. In 2021, they wanted a full review of their current branding, messaging, the public's knowledge of their services, and how effectively they were reaching a diverse range of audiences.


Our Approach

We used:

Public surveys - We asked 2,000 members of the UK public about their awareness and understanding of Relate.

Client surveys - Speaking to 700+ clients, we gauged how diverse and audience Relate were reaching. 

Staff surveys - Asking national and federated staff members, we discovered what the Relate team thought about their brand and messaging.

In-depth interviews - We held extensive conversations with members of the public, clients, and trustees.



We were able to provide Relate with a comprehensive segmentation of their audiences and a list of barriers preventing them from effectively spreading awareness of their organisation. This gave us a firm footing to make recommendations to them on their branding, messaging, and media strategy, allowing them to make the required adjustments to reach members of the public who would otherwise have been unaware of their services.


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