Case Study
The Wheel

We helped this Irish membership community to evaluate and improve the quality of public trust in their community.

"The people who work at nfpResearch are so skilled at what they do - whether it's dissecting polling data in a clear way or probing a focus group without leading them one way or another. Everyone we've worked with has been to clear in their explanation, helpful in their guidance and generous with their time. All the feedback is delivered promptly and in a really digestible way.

We chose nfpResearch because they already have such a breadth of knowledge of the charity sector and evolving public sentiment towards it. When you're investing in research, you want to get it right, and the team at nfpResearch really know their stuff - that guidance is invaluable."

Claire McGowran, Campaigns Officer, The Wheel


The Wheel is a membership community for charities, voluntary organisations, and community groups in Ireland. For over a decade, we’ve provided clear and actionable research from within Ireland’s charity sector to help them better understand, support, and lead their community of organisations.

In 2021, The Wheel wanted to improve trust within the Irish community and voluntary sector. In order to do this, we recognised that we first had to gauge public confidence in their society members, and then identify the barriers preventing the public from fully engaging with their ever-expanding roster of charitable bodies.


Our Approach

We used:

Public surveys - Using a mix of qualitative and qualitative research allowed us to identify patterns in public perceptions for Irish charity bodies.

Interviewing sector members - Speaking to staff and volunteers from within the sector allowed us to recognize where difficulties for community and voluntary group members lay.

Focus groups - We measured public reception and feedback to different campaign directions to explore which approaches best alleviate the sector’s biggest sticking points.



Our research provided The Wheel with an in-depth understanding of the current state of play for the charity sphere in Ireland. This new insight has allowed them to better advocate and guide their members, and has allowed them to form a strategic approach towards building trust in the community and voluntary sector. In 2022, we have repeated these surveys in order to test the impact of the changes we enabled.


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