The 12 Reports of Christmas 2014

The 12 Reports of Christmas 2014

It's Christmas time and as per tradition we're giving away 12 more of our reports. They address key issues like lobbying, fundraising and trust, plus a couple of niche ones like Gift Aid and media spending. Enjoy!

1. The Politics of Charities; who thinks they should be allowed to lobby?

We spoke to the general public, journalists and MPs to find out who thinks charities should lobby... and who thinks they should be political.

2. Global Digital Fundraising – a world of opportunity

Technology has changed the world we live in beyond all recognition, so how do charities adapt?

3. A Healthy Audience: is there a link between prevalence and donations?

It's often said that the charities set up to fight the most prevalent conditions raise the most money. But do they?

4. Nine campaign tactics for charities to consider before a General Election

With the election rapidly approaching, it's time to prepare with nine top tips.

5. Thanks For Everything! How charities recognise their key donors

All charities fundraise, but how do they show appreciation to those who made the difference?

6. Walking the Tightrope - five recommendations for charities to engage with Scotland’s changing future

Although Scotland voted No, change is approaching. How can charities embrace it?

7. State of the Sector: what do charity workers think?

nfpSynergy teams up with Third Sector magazine every other year to find out what charity workers think of their sector.

8. Ad Infinitum: charity advertising and media usage

1 in every £34 spent on advertising comes from charities.

9. Give and Let Give: a comprehensive look at Gift Aid and how to improve it

Find out how, with a few subtle changes, Gift Aid could unlock hundreds of millions in unclaimed donations.

10. Searching for Answers: transparency in charities

Many charities claim to be transparent, so our researchers set out to find out how many really are.

11. A Trusted Role: The challenges of creating an effective trustee board

Joe Saxton draws on 25 years' experience as a trustee and consultant to look at a key problem for any charity.

12. Getting the Message Across - practical strategies to tackle public concerns about donating to charity

Find out how to communicate better with an increasingly doubtful public.