12 Free Reports of Christmas

12 Free Reports of Christmas

There are many good traditions at nfpSynergy that we love and cherish, from simple things such as sitting down and eating lunch together, to making costumes for our teams to enter the Great Spitalfields Pancake race. 

One such tradition is to thank everyone who was with us over the last year: supporters and critics, blog readers and clients. You inspire and challenge us, you make us think of how we can contribute to the sector and help organisations that provide social good. And for that we are very grateful!

This year our staff have shown their support for the sector through collecting for a DEC appeal, donating hundreds of hours (and much more personal time) to causes that we feel passionate about from Child Rights International Network, Parent Teacher Association, Association of Volunteer Managers, Fringe! Film and Arts Fest, Attacked Not Defeated, St John’s Soup Kitchen, Amnesty International, Red Cross.

But we also try our hardest to give back to the sector and do what we know best: research. We carefully monitor trends in the sector and publish at least twelve free reports a year with the latest insights on the most topical issues (this year it was 16!). We make the reports free to download and hope they spark a discussion and help you to make better decisions.

Below are the twelve most free popular reports from 2017. You can always access the full library here.

  1. An Emotional Journey: on the role of emotions in the public's relationships and engagement with charity brands.
  2. Trust in charities and other public institutions - May 2017 -  on how the level of trust in charities has been changing over the last few years.
  3. Who cares about admin?- on what works and what doesn't when it comes to the general population searching for an ideal charity
  4. Just my Type - on different types of charities that make their living by securing their income and spending it in different ways.
  5. How could Gift Aid be improved and generate more income for charities? - on The future for individual giving in the UK. 
  6. The Seven Sentiments of Cynical Donors- on a range of issues impacting donor views on charities in the context of the Brexit vote and the surrounding issues it brought into the public arena.
  7. GDPR: The change that charity donors want - on the current public mood on data protection and what it means for charities.
  8. Post-election research with MPs shows their priorities for the sector - on MPs' priorities for the charity sector.
  9. Volunteering Trend Data - on trends and highlights of the volunteering culture in the UK over the last decade.
  10. Ad Infinitum - on the changing patterns of media expenditure by charities, this is an update of our 2014 report on the same topic 
  11. Major Donor Giving Research Report -  on a ‘boom time’ for UK philanthropy presenting the change over the last five years.
  12. Public Service Provision by Charities - on the latest public attitudes towards charities becoming involved in providing public service deliveries.

We wish you a very happy festive season and hope to see you all with us in 2018!

Michele Madden

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