The New Alchemy Parts 4 & 5: Mechanics and engagement

The New Alchemy Parts 4 & 5: Mechanics and engagement

23 Oct 2014

Parts 4 and 5 of our volunteering report look at motivations,engagement and retaining your volunteers.


This is the fourth and fifth of our new volunteering report and you can download it free in the top right hand corner of this page. It's being released in seven parts:

Part 1 – The political and social landscape for volunteering

Part 2 – Volunteering trends over the last decade

Part 3 – Harnessing volunteer motivations

Part 4 – The changing mechanics of volunteering

Part 5 – Engaging the young, the old and the family to volunteer

Part 6 – How do we manage the 21st Century Volunteer?

Part 7 – Conclusions and recommendations

These next two parts of The New Alchemy deal with two specific issues: changing volunteering mechanics, and volunteering engagement amongst key demographics.

Part 4 looks at how the mechanics of volunteering are changing. This part gives particular focus to the importance of volunteering “brands”; how volunteers’ engagement has changed; and how charities can adapt their strategies to get the best out of their volunteers.

Part 5 looks at developing engagement with young people, old people and families in volunteering. It examines how young people are using voluntary positions to accrue experience, how volunteering in the older demographic is increasingly competing with a range of other activities and the opportunities for family engagement that lie within group volunteering.