Innovation (still) Rules


Innovation (still) Rules

The not-for-profit sector is, by its very nature, innovative. Charities exist to respond to an unmet need or to drive change. But what does innovation actually mean? And what are charities really doing to develop innovation processes, cultures and, more importantly, results? 

In 2004, nfpSynergy produced a report called “Innovation Rules!” to better understand the not-for-profit sector’s attitude and approach to innovation. Nine years later, we were intrigued to see whether charities had developed their approach to innovation and the impact it has on the work they do. 

“Innovation (Still) Rules” is designed as a practical guide to help you develop your innovation capabilities, whatever your level, experience or size of organisation. It provides examples of what others have done, as well as things you must think about if you are considering developing innovation strategy, processes and skills.

If you'd like to see the first version of the report, it's free as well! Take a look here.