nfpSynergy Trust in Charities Report December 2016

nfpSynergy trust in charities research

nfpSynergy Trust in Charities Report December 2016

We are happy to release the slides for the latest of our research into trust in charities. This is the third wave of research this year, and for the first time we have measured trust in the Fundraising Regulator rather than the Fundraising Standards Board. The highest of our findings of this wave of research are:

• Trust in charities is now at the highest level since 2013

• Charities have risen to the fourth most trusted public institution after the NHS, Schools and the Armed Forces

• A year ago they were in 12th place behind TV and radio stations

• The over 65s now trust charities more than any other group with 70% trusting charities ‘a great deal’ or ‘quite a lot’. This is an increase from 42% a year ago.

• Every age group and demographic trust charities more than a year ago – except 16-24 and 25-34s. These two groups had the most trust in  charities a year ago, and all the other age groups have increased.

• Charity supporters trust charities (at 69%) a lot more than non-supporters (37%) and have increased from 55% a year ago

• A word of caution though. There is no evidence in our research that increases or decreases in trust in the general public have any impact on levels of giving or volunteering. This is an avenue for future research.

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