Post election research with MPs shows their priorities for the sector

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Post election research with MPs shows their priorities for the sector

We're pleased to release selected findings from our latest research with MPs carried out after the election, revealing their priorities for the charity sector chosen from a prompted list.

 You can download the slides in PDF format below or view them on Slideshare.

Key findings:

Many of the top priorities are very similar for all MPs:

  • Making charities more transparent
  • Finding more funding sources
  • Preventing CEO pay of over £200k
  • Comprehensive training for charity trustees
  • Developing codes of best practice for charity trustees

Though there are a number of areas where priorities differ:

Labour MPs favour:

  • Repeal of the Lobbying Act (18% vs 0% as a top priority and 38% vs 5% as a high priority)
  • Preventing private schools being charities (10% vs 0% as a top priority, and 58% vs 6% as a high priority)

Conservative MPs favour:

  • Making charities more transparent (27% vs 13% as a top priority and 75% vs 56% as a high priority)
  • Preventing charities from lobbying (32% vs 9% as a high priority)
  • Preventing charities who receive government funding from lobbying (11% vs 1% as a top priority)

Our analysis of what this means for the charity sector:

1. The Lobbying Act is not going to be repealed any time soon. Not only is the parliamentary timetable stuffed with Brexit related material, but there is almost no support for a repeal amongst Conservative MPs.

2. The sector is going to be under continued pressure on the subject of trustees: Both on trustee capabilities and behaviour, given the high level of cross-party support. At the moment the sector’s response on trustees is unclear at best, except for the code of good governance.

3. Labour MPs want, but won’t get action on private schools. While private schools are a big priority for Labour MPs, there is neither support from Conservative MPs, nor any obvious solution.

4. Conservative MPs will keep up the pressure on charity lobbying. Expect continued pressure on charities over lobbying activity, especially for those with government funding. Conservatives just don’t like it!

You can find out more about our charity parliamentary research by clicking the link, or emailing us at Feel free to share your thoughts on this research in the comments section below too.


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