Summer Insights 2013 Presentations

Summer Insights 2013 Presentations

Thank you to everyone who attended our Insights event. If you couldn't make it, thank you for your interest in the event and we hope to see you next time.

Our presentations are now available for free download on this page for anyone who would like them.

A Chance to Give – How lotteries for charities and good causes could raise more money, but regulation is holding them back

Joe Saxton – Driver of Ideas, nfpSynergy

The deregulation of charity lotteries has been an issue for decades. Joe Saxton looks at the results of our research into how regulation affects the lottery landscape, conducted with people from across the sector. He also details our recommendations for ensuring this key fundraising tool is no longer stifled by disproportionate regulation.

Youth Engagement

Patrick Brennan – Research Director, Amina Ali – Research Assistant

Young people are the donors, volunteers and even staff members of tomorrow. But how much is known about this critical new audience? Patrick and Amina look at what influences young people, how they engage with charities and their awareness of different issues. They compare it to how young people interact with charities and their social media channels, giving you a great overview of how and where to connect with your future stakeholders. 

The Dangers of Social Media

Rob White – Marketing and PR Officer,  nfpSynergy

Rob looks at the potential perils of social media for charities. The presentation looks at several laws charities need to beware of, plus some high profile examples in a presentation that might make you rethink your internet output.

Building Trust and Confidence in your Charity

Joe Saxton – Driver of Ideas, nfpSynergy

Trust and confidence in charities is as vital as it is volatile. Given that charities don't sell a tangible product to maintain people's trust, it can be difficult to build and maintain, but it is essential to keep donors believing in the sector and to overcome their reasons for not giving.

Joe's presentation features a raft of our data on trust in institutions and public barriers to donating. It provides an excellent opportunity to find out why people decide not to give and how charities and the sector as a whole can win, and crucially keep, the trust of the donors that fund them.