The Six Reports of Summer

The Six Reports of Summer

We've been sending out quite a few free reports recently, so we thought we'd put them all in one convenient place. Here's a preview of what's available:

The Politics of Charities

What do the public think about charities having the right to lobby? And what does it mean to MPs and journalists for charities to 'be political'?

Global Digital Fundraising

Global communication has opened up new opportunities to engage with communities and key audiences. So what does this mean for non-profits in different environments?

A Short Briefing on Corporate Gift Aid

Corporate Gift Aid was reformed in 2000 to increase donations to good causes. So how was gift aid changed? And more importantly, did it actually work?

A Healthy Audience

Medical and disability charities often say "our problem is that not many people suffer from our condition." But is there actually a relationship between prevalence and income?

Nine campaign tactics for charities to consider before a General Election

We have combed through the comments we received from MPs to gain a sense of which campaigning tactics are the most effective. Check them out, plus some verbatim quotes.

Thanks For Everything! How charities recognise their key donors

How do charities recognise the impact donors have on their work? Do they say thank you? Find out how charities are giving a little back to the people helping them make a difference.

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