Is your sector viewed as well-funded?

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Ben Roberts

We all love an underdog story. David besting Goliath, Leicester City’s 2016 Premier League win, or the most culturally significant of all, Rocky beating Ivan Drago in Rocky IV. While the villainous Drago is put through his paces by a team of well-equipped and well-funded Soviet scientists, Rocky meanwhile is chasing chickens, punching slabs of meat, and training in a run-down Philadelphia gym. You’re already humming Eye of the Tiger.

Planning your 2024 strategy: lessons from our webinar

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In preparation for what will inevitably be an eventful year for charities, this week our team hosted a free webinar where we explored what to expect for 2024. From changing donor habits, shifting public trust, and an upcoming general election, we believe that it’s never been more important for the sector to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to strategy. We appreciate everyone who was able to join us for our online event, but don’t worry if you couldn’t make it: today we’re sharing our key takeaways from UK Charities: Planning your 2024 strategy


Spring Bank Holiday Reading

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As we head into the Spring bank holiday – we’re told we can expect some Summer over the next few days – this week we’re recapping some of our top picks for you to read. Check out our coverage, original research, and free reports on the topics that matter to you.

We hope you enjoy!


How comms has changed over the past five years

This guest blog comes from Sarah Clarke of CharityComms, about our collaboration on the 2022 Communications Benchmark Report.


The Climate Challenge: Public Opinion on Climate Change

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We’ve seen time and again that climate change is an unwavering concern for a lot of the UK. Our latest data shows that it’s the public’s third biggest priority, which should be encouraging. But there are still ways to go to underscore the importance of environmentalism, and the role of the charity sector in fighting climate change.

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