Direct Action Groups and Evolving Attitudes

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Ben Roberts

We’re living through a time defined by urgent environmental challenges. As a research organisation, we’ve established that the public are increasingly seeing the effects of climate change on a local and global level, and that there is a widespread feeling of powerless among them. This is where direct action groups have emerged, and have done so with the intention of putting some measure of control into the hands of the public.

Lost Voices, Untapped Potential: Are International Students being left in the shadows?

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Aymen Habib

Despite the best intentions of many charities, there’s still a huge gap when it comes to reaching ethnic minorities in the UK. This gap is even wider for those who immigrate to this country later in their lives, either to pursue further education or to work. My experience, along with many of my colleagues, makes me question; why is there a charitable disconnect when it comes to international minority communities?  

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