What do people think about the Garfield Weston Foundation?

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What do people think about the Garfield Weston Foundation?

After our recent research with the Garfield Weston Foundation, this week we're sharing the Foundation's response to our findings and highlighting the benefits of looking at feedback from grant applicants.

We at nfpResearch recently collaborated with the Garfield Weston Foundation to help them better understand the experiences of their grant holders and unsuccessful applicants. The goal of the research was to discover the strengths of the Foundation and their processes, as well as to identify avenues for improvement based on the feedback. 

We were commissioned to gather this feedback for several reasons: we allowed the Foundation to ensure the anonymity of respondents, and we were able to access and engage with a large number of the Foundation’s applicants. We were pleased to be able to provide feedback from over 1,300 applicants in total – this was an especially promising figure, and we’re appreciative of everyone who gave us their time and feedback. Taking this large sample, we then went about providing an in-depth but easily digestible breakdown of the findings we uncovered.

We applaud the Garfield Weston Foundation for their decision to better understand the experiences of their applicants. By acknowledging that there is always room for improvement when it comes to supporting the sector, they are giving themselves the room to maximise how user-friendly and efficient their processes are. This sort of approach showcases the potential for positive change when organisations take deliberate steps to engage with stakeholders, listen to their voices, and proactively evolve based on their insights. 

That being said, a great deal of feedback that we were able to share was hugely in praise of the Foundation, and we were thrilled to be able to share with them that for the most part they are seen as helpful and straightforward to engage with. Additionally, the Foundation have demonstrated the benefit of this kind of research by already highlighting their plans to act upon the constructive feedback that was provided. Their team have embraced a proactive stance by crafting a detailed action plan rooted in the feedback received. In it, they have outlined strategies to enhance the application process, streamline feedback, and improve clarity. The full response can be found using the link below. This response demonstrates their commitment to the grant-seeking community's success.

The Foundation's response to our research findings demonstrates that this type of collaboration is a catalyst for positive change in the charity sector. Ensuring that all parties are able to make themselves heard will root the sector’s progress in understanding, and enables funders to cater to the needs of every voice. To explore the detailed findings and the Garfield Weston Foundation's response to the research, please visit their website here.

If you have any questions on this research, or are a grant-maker looking to review your own processes, we encourage you to contact us at insight@nfpResearch.com

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