It's a Labour victory - but what do they think of your charity and cause?

Sir Kier Starmer celebrating Labour's election win

It's a Labour victory - but what do they think of your charity and cause?

After a landslide victory for the Labour party, what can charities expect for their relationships with MPs?

The public have spoken and it is time for change. Labour comes in with a huge majority and it is the worst result for the Conservatives on record. Smaller parties have done very well, with the Liberal Democrats not far behind the Conservatives as the official Opposition. The SNP, Greens and Reform all now have handful of MPs.

It is far too soon to say what this means for the big issues that charities are working on. But it is not too soon to take a reading from the new Parliament on what their priorities are, what causes they are most passionate about, and what they think about individual charities.

The first wave of research with MPs, new and old, is in September. This is the ideal time to establish a benchmark of sentiment towards your organisation and cause, and to understand the priorities of MPs. It could be that Labour are priotising your cause and that now is the time to invest resources into your political work. If you would like to discuss how you can do this, please email, or download info below.

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