Half of MPs and a third of charity workers against £100k salaries in charities

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4 in 5 Conservatives happy for charities to provide frontline services

  • Half of MPs (47%) think it is ‘unacceptable’ for charities to pay some staff over £100k a year, while a third (35%) are in favour
  • A survey of 480 charity staff showed 38% of them were also against it, with 47% in favour
  • 13% of MPs are happy with charities paying staff over £200k a year, with three quarters opposed (77%).

Less than half of Conservative MPs think charities should challenge the government and political parties

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5 in 6 Labour MPs disagree as politicians split on charities in politics

  • Just 42% of Conservative MPs think it is acceptable for charities to challenge government policy, with 39% against the idea
  • Only 37% of them feel charities should challenge the policies of political parties, with 46% opposed.

The Six Reports of Summer

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We've been sending out quite a few free reports recently, so we thought we'd put them all in one convenient place. Here's a preview of what's available:

The Politics of Charities

What do the public think about charities having the right to lobby? And what does it mean to MPs and journalists for charities to 'be political'?

Global Digital Fundraising

Global communication has opened up new opportunities to engage with communities and key audiences. So what does this mean for non-profits in different environments?

Nine campaign tactics for charities to consider before a General Election

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We have combed through the comments we received from MPs in this year’s Charity Parliamentary Monitor to get a sense of which campaigning tactics used by charities are the most effective.

From this data, we have compiled nine things for charities to consider in their campaigns in the run-up to a General Election. You can view them all, plus some verbatim quotes from MPs, in this free report.


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