FULL REPORT: Membership and the Charity Sector

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FULL REPORT: Membership and the Charity Sector

Having received a huge amount of interest in chapter one of our latest report on membership, this week we're thrilled to be releasing the remaining chapters, available for download below. Do you want to make the most of your membership scheme? Find out how in the pages of our free report.

In the first chapter of Membership and the Charity Sector, we explored how we define and categorise membership organisations. Having received a positive response from many organisations seeking to improve their own programmes, we are proud this week to be releasing the full report for free.

So far we’ve defined the different types of membership and their relative successes in recent years. But in the digital age, what does success look like in this field? Building on the information explored in the first chapter, the full report delves into the features of successful programmes and offers guidance on how charities can effectively manage and operate their membership schemes.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of the not-for-profit sector’s approaches, the report contains analysis of 25 of the UK’s largest charity membership schemes. Enormously varied in their sizes and strategies, we explore the diverse approaches and shared challenges experienced by these organisations. By comparing their offerings and barriers to entry, we’ve been able to identify the top incentives to get the public interested in your programme. 

There have been many factors affecting membership figures in the past few years, not least of all the pandemic. That’s why we have taken the opportunity to explore the impact of the lockdown and the unpredictable outcomes seen within the charity sector. We also look into the main driving forces leading people to take memberships and examine the experiences of people supporting charities to answer the crucial question: how can you motivate a person to become a member of your charity?

Using real world case studies from the charity and commercial sectors, we’ve provided guidance for best practice for the management of your membership schemes. The report is available for free and provides an up-to-date examination of the challenges and benefits of membership in the digital age. It also includes case studies from the charity sector and beyond, offering recommendations for organizations to enhance their membership experience.

To learn more about charity membership, or for any other queries, please contact Timothy.Harrison-Byrne@nfpresearch.com .

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