nfpResearch Update: Two New Additions to Our Product Line and a Refresh!

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nfpResearch Update: Two New Additions to Our Product Line and a Refresh!

This week we're announcing the launch of two new research products that we're thrilled to be sharing with the sector, as well as some changes to our monitor line-up we think you should know about!

To everyone in the nfpResearch community, today we’re thrilled to share some exciting updates with you! In our continuous commitment to provide unparalleled research to charities, we've decided to add two new research products to our lineup: introducing nfpIntelligence and nfpIntelligence Westminster.

As well as this, we’ve decided to give some of our product names a refresh – check below for a full breakdown of what we’ve changed and why.


NEW PRODUCT: nfpIntelligence

This product is a low-cost way to access charity sector research. For some organisations working in the charity sector, such as smaller charities, funders, journalists, etc., some of the in-depth research we perform regarding brand is less relevant than the wider context we can provide about the state of the sector. Research into donation trends, volunteering habits, issues of concern, or favourite causes, however, can be massively impactful to the success of anyone in the charity sphere.

After a lot of interest in this type of research product, we’re pleased to be launching nfpIntelligence to provide these organisations with the exact research that they need, without the extra cost. Rest assured though, that this research will come included for any nfpPublic UK subscriber, giving you the flexibility to decide how bespoke you need your research to be.


NEW PRODUCT: nfpIntelligence Westminster

In a similar vein, we’ve recently noticed that there ought to be a better way for organisations to take the temperature of the sector’s relationship with politics – without the cost of the in-depth individual insights we provide to our current clients. As such, we’re launching this new monitor to give charity bodies the opportunity to learn more about the preferences and priorities of MPs. This will provide valuable political context into the dynamics between parliament and charities and help organisations to navigate the intricate intersection of these two spheres. This product will also be included in the price of an nfpPolitics Westminster subscription.


Refreshing our product line

Over the past 20 years, we have been dedicated to offering top-notch market research to charities. However, as our product line expanded slowly and surely, we’ve realized that the names of our offerings lacked a consistent pattern, which can make it difficult to get an immediate sense of the unique benefit of each monitor. This made it challenging for both existing and potential clients to understand the breadth and depth of what we have to offer.

By refreshing the names of our product line, we’re offering greater clarity to new and existing clients alike, allowing you to easily identify and choose the research package that best suits your needs.

Our full suite of name changes are as follows:

Old Product NameNew Product Name
CAMnfpPublic UK
CAM WalesnfpPublic Wales
CAM ScotlandnfpPublic Scotland
CAM NInfpPublic NI
CPMnfpPolitics Westminster
ICEMnfpPublic Ireland
Grant Maker BenchmarknfpFunders
Wales Senedd MonitornfpPolitics Senedd
Scotland Parliamentary MonitornfpPolitics Holyrood
NI Assembly Monitor Briefing PacknfpPolitics Stormont
Minority Ethnic/Under Represented AudiencesnfpPublic Minority Ethnic


As nfpResearch evolves, our dedication to empowering charities remains unwavering. We appreciate your ongoing support, and we are excited about the enhanced clarity and accessibility these changes bring. Thank you for being a vital part of our community!

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