12 Free Reports of Christmas

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1. A Hidden Gem - Resilience report from the Clore Social Leadership Programme

The Clore Social Leadership Programme aims to develop and connect aspiring leaders in the  social sector who are working for the benefit of individuals and communities across the UK. nfpSynergy has been supporting Clore fellows on their research projects through a mixture of research.  

2. Major Donor Giving Research Report

This report is a synthesis of the current research that has been carried out into major donors and philanthropic giving.

Real world case studies useful tool - Mencap

Instead of bombarding us with statistics about young people's behaviour, nfpSynergy used the research to provide us with key points reinforced by real-world case studies. And each point was summarised with the relevance to Mencap. Instead of handing us a report that is thick with data, still to be interpreted and understood, nfpSynergy gave us a useful tool that can form the basis of our strategy for engaging with young people. They've saved us vast amounts of time, and have delivered something we will definitely be able to use.

Enthusiastic, hard working and experienced - Elizabeth Finn Care

It is always a pleasure to work with people who are enthusiastic, hardworking, in possession of a broad range of experience and willing to adapt their approach during project development to suit a client's changing needs. nfpSynergy's final report was crucial in our decision making process.  It ended a period of organisational speculation and allowed us to move forward from an authoritative position of knowledge and understanding.

Elizabeth Finn Care

Excellent brain power - CRUK

nfpSynergy provided us both with excellent service in terms of reliability and attentiveness and excellent brain-power in terms of really understanding and adding value to our thinking

Ian Scott, when he was Head of Legacy Promotion, Cancer Research UK. He is now a Freelance Social and Market Researcher.

Professionalism, skills and quality - YouthNet

I was incredibly impressed with the team in terms of their professionalism, skills and the quality of the final report they produced. In particular, I was delighted with how well YouthNet and nfpSynergy worked together. The team were friendly and approachable and always took our comments on board in a timely and productive way. We felt in control of the project, while at the same time were able to put our trust in nfpSynergy at all times. We very much look forward to working together on future projects.

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