12 Free Reports of Christmas 2015

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We would like to thank our clients and partners for inspiring us to keep researching the topical issues in the sector. As part of our Social Investment programme we regularly produce Free Reports and feed our finding back to the sector so any charity regardless its size or sector can find something useful. Here are the 12 popular reports this  year.

Ben Littlejohn - Act for Peace

Over the years I have found your reports and guides to be the most insightful and valuable strategy tools I have ever come across. I’ve directly used your analyses of fundraising portfolios, branding strategies, organisational visions and missions and others to shape the direction of my work and organisation.

I can’t tell you the clarity and value your insights have added to my work, and the contribution it has made to our success and ultimately the beneficiaries we serve.

The 12 Insights of Christmas

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As it's the season of goodwill, we're giving away The 12 Insights of Christmas. They look at some of the key issues facing the charity sector and include research, interviews and advice from charities and from us. Unwrap our 12 free reports just in time for Christmas.

Scope project

The nfpSynergy team demonstrated both a professional and empathetic approach with the parents they interviewed and as such was able to gain their confidence and gather some very insightful material. I found working with them very helpful and supportive enabling us to overcome some difficult logistical and timescale challenges.

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