Trustees now need to be professional volunteers. Is that a good thing?

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Joe Saxton

I will confess to being a recent convert. I love working with a recruitment agency to find new trustees. The quality of applicants and the inclusiveness of the process improve the governance process beyond measure. Indeed, I now am of the belief that the sector should no more appoint a trustee without an open and transparent recruitment process, than they should a CEO.

Show me the money! The challenges in how charities present their financial information to the public

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How charities spend their money remains a key concern for current and potential donors. In this report we examine how a selected sample of UK charities present their key financial information to the general public, exploring both the content and form of this information. We find that it is clear charities are working hard to demonstrate how much they are achieving through the income they raise and how efficiently this is being done. However, there are a number of recurrent issues that are worth highlighting: 

Trustee Recruitment Websites – Could they be more straightforward?

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In this week's blog, Joe Saxton shares his experience of using a number of Trustee recruitment sites to try and find a new Trustee role. Read about the twists and turns of what ends up being the (surprisingly?) not-so-straightforward process of navigating recruitment sites for this particular type of role.

Gone Viral - The impact of a second year of Covid-19 on charities

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Last year, we released our ‘Going Viral’ report, exploring the initial response to the Covid-19 outbreak by charities. This is the second year of Covid-19, and it was time to revisit and delve into the experiences of charities in the sector again to take a longer-term perspective on the pandemic and its impact on the sector.

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