Trust in charities and institutions – what does pessimism mean for messaging?

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Alix Moussy

One of the most useful questions that we ask the public is about their levels of trust in various institutions. The figures that we get back are often very telling, revealing a lot about political and social attitudes. However, we’ve recently been seeing drastic shifts in public views towards certain institutions and services. 

Charity Giving in Canada: What Sets Canadian Donors Apart?

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Cian Murphy & Tim Harrison-Byrne

To those who don’t yet know, this year has seen the nfpResearch team taking on a new and exciting venture as we launched our first wave of research with the Canadian public. Our mission is to bring the same high quality of research and decades of experience we’ve gained working with UK charities to the Canadian sector, where we’re now helping charities of all sizes to better connect with their audiences.

The Climate Challenge: Public Opinion on Climate Change

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We’ve seen time and again that climate change is an unwavering concern for a lot of the UK. Our latest data shows that it’s the public’s third biggest priority, which should be encouraging. But there are still ways to go to underscore the importance of environmentalism, and the role of the charity sector in fighting climate change.

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