How charities can make the most out of social media

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 24 Jul 2012

by Vicky Browning - Director, CharityComms


Just like when King Arthur asked a few of his mates to sit round in a circle for a chinwag, a number of myths have grown up around social media. Vicky Browning, director of CharityComms, looks at whether some of these assumptions are stifling charities' abilities to use it as an effective communications channel.





Taking nothing for granted: a research report into what charities think a model grant-maker looks like

Submitted by Madelyn Dorsey on 2 Jul 2012

In early 2012 the John Ellerman Foundation embarked on a strategic review to find out what a model grant-maker looks like in the eyes of applicants and grantees, and compare practices in the grant-making sector. nfpSynergy was commissioned to carry out independent research with charities and their fundraisers. This report is a result of that research.

Giving in hard times: the latest donor insight from the Charity Awareness Monitor

Submitted by Mhairi Guild on 26 Apr 2012

The Charity Awareness Monitor (CAM) surveys the general public twelve times a year on all aspects of charitable engagement - from awareness of brands and donation habits through to views on campaigning, levels of trust and barriers to giving. Drawing on recent data, this session examines the key trends you need to know about this year.

State of the sector 2011

Submitted by Michele Madden on 26 Apr 2012

You know what the key challenges and priorities are within your own organisation – but how are contemporary economic and political challenges impacting your colleagues in the third sector? Exploring the key findings from our regular survey into what the sector is thinking and prioritising right now, drawing on data gathered in Autumn 2011.

You can also download a version from 2007.

Social Media League Table

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 11 May 2011

This is a report we wrote to compare the "social media presence" (index reflecting Facebook ‘likes’, Twitter ‘followers’ and YouTube ‘subscribers’) of all UK charities. The report also analyses the Top 50 UK charities by fundraised income - comparing the Top 25 of those against the 25 most popular UK shops, and the Top 25 FTSE companies by market capitalization.

How do top charities compare with private sector giants? And is there a correlation between a charity’s income and its social media presence? Read on.


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