A Healthy Audience

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This 2019 report is based on updated research first conducted five years ago, in early 2014. The report looks at the relationship between the number of people with a particular medical condition or disability and the size of the largest charity supporting those affected. One of the key questions we try to answer is whether the number of people who have a condition determines the size of the charity associated with it. We have extended the report to include research looking at public perceptions of progress made by health charities.

Key findings:

Half of people very annoyed by doorstep and telephone fundraising

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Almost one in two people find it ‘very annoying’ to be asked to give to charity on their doorstep or over the telephone, according to new research. A third of people also dislike being approached to sign up to a charity in the street, with collection buckets the preferred way to be asked for money.

Key information still too hard to find on charity websites, says new research

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Finding information on charity expenditure can take more than three times as long as making a donation or getting details of their services, a new report suggests. ‘Searching for Answers’, published by research consultancy nfpSynergy, also shows that success and impact stories were easy to find and transparency levels do not seem to be affected by a charity’s size.  

Searching for Answers

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An overview of how transparent 50 UK charities are, based on the investigations of nfpSynergy's researchers.


The idea that the information the public wants should be both available and easily accessible has been encapsulated in a new buzzword - transparency. Since the CEO salary media storm back in 2013, many charities claimed they're now transparent. But is this really the case? How long does it take to find out a CEO's salary or how much a charity spends on admin? 

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