Goodbye nfpSynergy, Hello nfpResearch

nfpresearch new logo in white set against colourful marbles

Goodbye nfpSynergy, Hello nfpResearch

After 20 years of working with charity clients big and small, we’ve decided it’s time for a rebrand. nfpSynergy is no more – say hello to nfpResearch.

Cian Murphy & Tim Harrison-Byrne

If you’ve got this far, you’ll have noticed there’s something different about our website this week. This redesign – smart (and overdue!) as we think it is – feeds into a broader change, touching on every level of our company. After 20 years of working with charity clients big and small, we’ve decided it’s time for a rebrand. nfpSynergy is no more – say hello to nfpResearch.

We’d like to think that over the last 20 years we’ve built up a great deal of respect behind the nfpSynergy name. By delivering high-quality research and insight to our clients, while at the same time providing a wide range of free resources to the sector as a whole, we like to think we’ve become a trusted part of the charity landscape. We’ve watched that landscape gradually evolve, and been a key part of shaping the changes, since our founding in 2002 – a year when Westlife, Atomic Kitten and Nelly topped the charts, Pierce Brosnan was still James Bond, and yours truly were still in our figurative short trousers.  

While you may share our horror that these are no longer the cultural touchstones they used to be, you’ll hopefully join with us in agreeing that a 21st-century research agency should be fit for the times – a little more Daniel Craig, maybe, embodying an awareness of everything else that has altered in the last twenty years. The rise of social media. Smart phones. A world now changed irrevocably by the pandemic. You don’t need us to give you the full thesis here, but needless to say we felt it was a good moment to regroup and stake out our identity for the coming decades, which are bound to see exciting and much-needed change across the charity sector.   

Alongside the change in name – which we hope will make it a bit clearer what we do, for those encountering us for the first time – we’re also proud to unveil a new look and feel for our visual identity, one we think is cleaner, simpler and more contemporary. We’re also launching our inaugural annual fund of £10,000 – the Smaller Charities Research Fund (more details on this coming soon).

From this week, we are rolling out new interactive dashboards for our Charity Awareness Monitor (CAM) clients. As well as carrying through the new look and feel, we think they are going to make reporting easier, more customised, and more granular than ever. We’re really excited about the improvement this will make for all of our CAM clients, and we plan on rolling them out to all of our research products by the end of the year. 

A lick of paint, then, but also a practical upgrade. Rest assured, though, that all this change is just a renewal of our longstanding commitment to high-quality market research in the charity sector. That much has always been our identity, and always will be, whoever’s Number 1 that week.

Please join on us on March 2nd at our Research Reflections: Looking Back and Looking Ahead with nfpResearch event for clients and the wider sector.

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