The nfpResearch Small Charity Research Award

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The nfpResearch Small Charity Research Award

A deep understanding of the charity landscape is invaluable, but not always within reach for small charities. That's why this week we're launching a new award to help one small charity achieve their research goals.

Today nfpResearch is launching its first Small Charity Research Award. This is an opportunity for a charity with an income under £1 million / €1 million to receive a £10,000 research project for free. The nfpResearch team will work closely with the successful charity to design a research project to fulfil your charity and research objectives. 

This is the first time nfpResearch has launched this Award. We are doing so because we believe in the value of research and its role in improving the decisions charities make. We also recognise that many small charities often don’t have the budget for research. We don’t know how many charities will apply and we are open to feedback about the process.

We have tried to make the application form as simple as possible. We want to know a few things about your charity, the research you’ve done in the past (if any), and what the questions are that you need answers to. We will then get in touch with shortlisted charities to speak about your needs and will then select one charity to work with. The deadline for submissions is Friday 27th January.

We have provided some more information below. The team at nfpResearch are excited to work with the successful charity. Please feel free to get in touch and discuss your ideas with

Please apply here.

  • Charities must operate in the UK or Ireland 
  • Charities must have an annual income under £1m (if they operate in the UK) or under €1m (if they operate in the Republic of Ireland) 
  • The closing date for applications is 5pm on Friday 27th January
  • nfpResearch will then contact shortlisted charities for a further conversation about their research questions and potential project plan. nfpResearch will then select a charity to work with. 
  • nfpResearch will invite applications from small charities for research support of up to £10,000. As an example, £10,000 could cover:
    • A survey with supporters and 10 in depth interviews
    • 3 to 4 focus groups with supporters 
    • A survey with the general public
    • A stakeholder perception project

Submitted by Vanessa (not verified) on 16 Dec 2022


This offer could not have come at a better time, especially in today's climate of trying to figure out how to engage with our harder to reach clients.

Hi Vanessa, we totally agree. Trying to engage with deeply fragmented audiences has become incredibly difficult, so we're thrilled to be offering an opportunity to better understand the current landscape.


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