GDPR: The change that charity donors want

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GDPR: The change that charity donors want

We know that the incoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is currently one of the key issues on charities' agendas. A variety of reports have been released exploring the legal requirements on how charities should respond in order to be prepared to meet those regulations when they come into force in May 2018. However, what was lacking was any research into the current public mood when it comes to charities and data protection, and an exploration of how the public might respond to the incoming changes
At the start of May, nfpSynergy conducted a set of focus groups to explore these perceptions, and followed this up with quantitative research through our Charity Awareness Monitor. The report available to download on this page 'GDPR: the change that charity donors want' details these findings, and puts forward our own conclusions on what these findings mean for charities as well as recommendations on the key areas to focus on in the months ahead. 
Please click the 'Downloads' button below to download this free report. You can also share your thoughts on this topic in the comments section below.

Submitted by Jacqui Wolstenholme (not verified) on 7 Sep 2017


Just read the nfpSynergy report GDPR: The change that charity donors want and was really impressed with the content and the very simple ad clear messages that donors are saying about their data and charities. This report is a great place for all sized charities to start thinking (if they haven't already) on the implications and the processes they need to put in place to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation when in comes into force next year

Submitted by Rich (not verified) on 7 Sep 2017


Very helpful report, thanks!

Amazing that there are more people who would welcome more letters/post from charities than would welcome increases in other channels of communication. Also interesting that there's only 2% points difference between those who think they get too many charity phonecalls as charity emails given that the former is far more intrusive while also holding the potential to be more personal in a good way.

Opt-in is going to dramatically reduce organisations' ability to develop relationships with new supporters. While I am pleased to see the increase in control it gives us as individuals, I suspect (as backed up in report) that people won't realise how much the existance of the charity they just supported depends on being able to make appropriate contact with supporters. Interesting that people believe this "doesn't apply to them"; yet understanding of the effectiveness of other marketing techniques, such as targetted ads based on your personal data, is recognised by the public.

The higher moral expectations of charities mean the bigger disappointment when charities seem to have misused data. A useful reminder that the motivations of charity staff and how the roles are defined are key to its success.

Submitted by Jillian Patchett (not verified) on 7 Sep 2017


Interesting that there is no obvious privacy statement on this page when you've required me to input my details in order to download the report - so, what do you intend to do with my personal data in line with GDPR?

Hi Jillian,
You can find our privacy statement here:
It is listed in the drop down menu under the 'About' section, and also in the blue section at the bottom of this (and every) page. We are currently reviewing it to be in line with the upcoming GDPR. Please get in touch at if you would like to ask some more questions.
Best wishes,

Submitted by Martin (not verified) on 7 Sep 2017


Interesting to see I could only download the report by providing a name and email address with a preticked box to send me a weekly newsletter !

Submitted by Nina Guha (not verified) on 25 Oct 2017


Just read your GDPR report. I was most impressed by the contents and simplicity of the language used by nfpSynergy which will definitely appeal to many as it's relatively jargon free. Thank you very much for sharing this report. I am sure it will be used by many as a guideline to what lies ahead and also help charities put sustainable systems in place well before GDPR comes into force next year. Best wishes.

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