Using a PESTLE analysis

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nfpResearch recently appeared at CharityComms’ Strategic Marketing Conference 2023, an event which made for an absolute treasure trove of insights into marketing and comms. Having received a lot of positive feedback around one of our resources, we thought that we’d share it in today’s blog to give you an idea of how you can evaluate the external factors that can impact your charity and mission.

How Regional Branding Helps Charities Connect with Communities

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Sarah Nathan

The past few years have seen the UK public face crisis after crisis. Inevitably, this has led to a shift in the sector’s priorities as we’ve all had to adapt to a few ‘new-normals’ in a short span of time. But even as new concerns arise, the old challenges aren’t going anywhere. This has made it vital to track how the public’s top concerns are shifting at a national level, and whether or not policy is aligned with public demand.

Upcoming report: Membership and the Charity Sector

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Membership has long been a staple of organisations, clubs, and interest groups. But in the digital age, the concept of membership has been pushed to new frontiers. Now, it has expanded to include global online communities, subscription-based services, and access to perks for those who patron businesses and organisations. This digital membership revolution has decidedly changed how we think about communities and organisations, but is just one part of a bigger picture.

The nfpResearch Small Charity Research Award

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Today nfpResearch is launching its first Small Charity Research Award. This is an opportunity for a charity with an income under £1 million / €1 million to receive a £10,000 research project for free. The nfpResearch team will work closely with the successful charity to design a research project to fulfil your charity and research objectives. 

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