Gone Viral - blog & video summarising our research on Covid and charities

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The fourth in our series of reports on the impact of Covid-19 on charities, this weeks blog summarises our findings from 20 interviews conducted in May/June with charities of varied sizes and sectors on their experience of the pandemic, as well as hopes and fears for the future.

Our fifth wave of public research on charities and the pandemic

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This weekend we continued our series of polls to understand public reactions to the pandemic and charities. Case numbers, hospitalisations and deaths have all increased dramatically since our previous wave of fieldwork so now is a particularly important moment to try and gauge how the public is feeling. Explore our results in this week's blog.

Just what the doctor ordered: dissecting public attitudes towards science and medical research charities

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In our blog this week, we're starting a conversation about how the Covid-19 pandemic may affect the public's attitudes towards science, scientists and science policy and, in turn, medical/health charities whose work relies on scientific research.

Going Viral | Covid-19: How did charities respond to the first phase of the crisis?

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To find out how charities are responding to the first phase of the Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak, we conducted twenty-four interviews speaking to a range of charity sector staff from CEOs, directors, heads and officers working in strategy, fundraising, marketing and communications, and some front-line staff working on service provision. See what they had to say in this free report.

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