Viva la devolution!

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When it comes to influencing government policy, UK-wide charities have tended to focus the majority of their resources on lobbying the powerful political institutions of Westminster.

However, with devolution continuing at breakneck speed across the country, charities that have started to build on their work in the devolved Assemblies and Parliament are already seeing results.

What can charities campaigning in Parliament expect from Brexit?

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With the EU referendum just around the corner and polls showing a tightly-fought contest, both sides are arguing fiercely about what the future of the UK would look like outside of the EU.

One thing both campaigns can agree on, however, is that a vote to leave would spark a major upheaval in British politics – and charities campaigning in parliament would undoubtedly be affected by this.

So what sort of challenges would charities face in the event of a British withdrawal from the EU, and all of the political turmoil that could come with it?

Challenging Cuts - investigating the response of charities to front-line service cuts

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Has the charity sector been doing enough in response to government funding cuts? ​Local authorities have been subjected to a high level of cuts in the last five years, ​with the Autumn 2015 spending review ​promising to go even further. 
We interviewed charity professionals from a number of different sectors to produce this report, exploring how charities and communities have been responding to frontline service funding cuts, both from local and central gov

12 Free Reports of Christmas 2015

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We would like to thank our clients and partners for inspiring us to keep researching the topical issues in the sector. As part of our Social Investment programme we regularly produce Free Reports and feed our finding back to the sector so any charity regardless its size or sector can find something useful. Here are the 12 popular reports this  year.

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