Number of young volunteers has nearly doubled over the last decade

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Over a quarter of UK adults say they have volunteered in the last three months

"It’s particularly good that young people are finally becoming more involved in volunteering. Charities have to make sure the idea appeals to a variety of ages and isn’t just stereotyped as elderly people staffing charity shops and tombolas." Joe Saxton, Driver of Ideas at nfpSynergy 

Social Media League Table

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This is a report we wrote to compare the "social media presence" (index reflecting Facebook ‘likes’, Twitter ‘followers’ and YouTube ‘subscribers’) of all UK charities. The report also analyses the Top 50 UK charities by fundraised income - comparing the Top 25 of those against the 25 most popular UK shops, and the Top 25 FTSE companies by market capitalization.

How do top charities compare with private sector giants? And is there a correlation between a charity’s income and its social media presence? Read on.


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