A Healthy Audience

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This 2019 report is based on updated research first conducted five years ago, in early 2014. The report looks at the relationship between the number of people with a particular medical condition or disability and the size of the largest charity supporting those affected. One of the key questions we try to answer is whether the number of people who have a condition determines the size of the charity associated with it. We have extended the report to include research looking at public perceptions of progress made by health charities.

Key findings:

The Six Reports of Summer

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We've been sending out quite a few free reports recently, so we thought we'd put them all in one convenient place. Here's a preview of what's available:

The Politics of Charities

What do the public think about charities having the right to lobby? And what does it mean to MPs and journalists for charities to 'be political'?

Global Digital Fundraising

Global communication has opened up new opportunities to engage with communities and key audiences. So what does this mean for non-profits in different environments?

Strength in numbers; how independent hospices can raise more income from voluntary and donated sources to fund their work

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In 2010, the think tank Demos published a report entitled ‘Dying for Change’ highlighting some of the challenges facing hospices in the future. Help the Hospices responded to this by setting up the Commission into the Future of Hospice Care to provide guidance, information and options for hospices to inform their strategic position and offerings in the next 10 to 20 years.

Future Hospice Income and Fundraising

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As part of our work with Help The Hospices, we held a conference for representatives from the industry to discuss the future of hospice funding and other issues facing the sector. We had many attendees from up and down the country, with our insightful presentations provoking some excellent debate among those present.

Our presentation on the Future Trends for Hospices is now available for download on this page.

Over the coming months, our free report will be available here as well, complete with conclusions and points raised by everyone at the conference.


Charities during the pandemic: 5 observations from healthcare professionals

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Following their uphill battle responding to Covid-19, we asked UK healthcare professionals about how effectively they worked alongside charities during the pandemic. This week, we dive into their responses and explore the massive potential of these collaborations, as well as the obstacles in getting them off the ground.
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