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12 Free Reports of Christmas

Thank you everyone for being with us in 2017! The best gift we can give you is what we love doing the most: research. Here are 12 free most popular reports for you this year. See you in 2018!

Public Service Provision by Charities

Our new free report looks into what the public think of charities providing public services for government, and whether they are put off from giving or supporting charities who receives government funding. Here are some of the highlights.

Facts and Figures: Scottish charities

In the last 15 years the Scottish voluntary sector has become a larger part of the Scottish economy. This short report will give you some key facts and figures to feel comfortable talking about charities in Scotland.

Here are just a few discoveries:

Volunteering Trend Data

At nfpSynergy, we've been tracking the proportion of the UK public that volunteer for over ten years. This report gives an overview of volunteering over time from as far back as 2003 up until August 2017.

Here are some of our key findings:

Facts & Figures: Grant-Making Trusts

This free report gives an overview of grant-making trusts, with a specific look at relationships between grant givers and grantees. Discover the role of grants in the UK, and the viewpoint of the grantee in regards to the grant maker and the processes involved.

What exactly are charities trusted to do?

In an attempt to better understand how levels of trust affect the third sector, we've started a new research programme to try and identify what exactly charities are trusted to do, and how they are trusted compared to other sectors.