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5 Key Trends and their Impact on the Voluntary Sector

The impact of social and economic change on the voluntary and community sector is far-reaching. It is a fallacy that the sector is insulated from the wider world in which it operates - yet many charities remain largely uninformed about the future they face.

Trusted but misunderstood- November 2002

Is the public falling out of love with charities? Those operating within the voluntary sector may feel concerned that today's public are growing increasingly sceptical about charitable activity.

The Future of Homelessness

The future is an uncertain place when you are working with a phenomenon that is as complex and changeable as homelessness.

Polishing the Diamond

A charity's image is crucial to the success of every part of the organisation. Unlike companies who have products and services to sell, charities are often selling an idea or a cause. As such, the image of the charity is crucial to its financial success.

Who are we here for?

Joe Saxton looks at the relationships between users, stakeholders and accountability and argues that user involvement in the trustee body is far from the only route to increased accountability